Upcoming Event:
Upcoming Event:
Aug. 16
Early Voting
Beginning July 1


Rafael Delgadillo's Sheriff Campaign Kick-Off Speech, Tuesday, May 3, 2022, at the Hilton Garden Inn


The most qualified candidate for Albany County Sheriff with 30 years of experience in Patrol, Investigations, and Community Policing, including 8 years in Jail Operations.


Decisions based on the law, sound personnel management, and an understanding of personal dynamics developed over 30 years of active policing.


Employees to adhere to the goals and standards of conduct of the Sheriff’s Office. Misconduct will be identified at its source and addressed.

Vedauwoo (an area of rocky outcrops) is located in southeastern Wyoming, north of Intersta


Restore Public Confidence 

  • All people are equal before the law. Police services, arrests, and investigations are to be made without bias and within the law. Officers shall treat others with respect, safeguarding their Constitutional rights.

  • Create an understanding that not every problem requires a ‘law enforcement solution’ and that there are other avenues to resolve problems to which we must avail ourselves.

  • Patrol tactics to reduce crime, and thorough investigations which identify offenders and secure convictions.

  • Matters of public concern will be addressed in public forums. A sheriff is accountable to the public and must have open communication with their constituents.

Enhance the Reputation of the Sheriff’s Office


  • Strengthen the Chain of Command.

  • Institute a Code of Conduct.

  • Duty to Intervene - Develop a culture of accountability, where deputies safeguard the rights of citizens and their peers by intervening to prevent excessive force or unlawful behavior.


Create a non-politicized environment where employees are judged on their performance. Assignments and promotions will be free of cronyism and favoritism.

Community Involvement

Create opportunities for city and rural civilian volunteers. Utilize retired sworn and non-sworn employees in non-law enforcement activities.


Financially sound management. 


Support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Will not participate in Federal initiatives that impact the rights of citizens.