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  • University of California, Berkeley, B.A. Political Science, 1980

  • Merritt College, A.A, 1975

Professional Training
  • Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Lateral Academy, 2005

  • Standard and Training for Corrections (STC)

  • City of Oakland Police Academy, 1982

  • California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST)

  • Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Supervisory Certification

  • Homicide, Robbery, Commercial Security (POST)

  • Gaming and Card Room Investigation, California, Department of Justice

  • Fraud/Forgery Investigation, San Jose State University

  • Narcotic Enforcement, California Department of Justice

Professional History
  • Alameda County Sheriff’s Department, Deputy Sheriff, 2005 – 2013

  • City of Oakland Police Department, Sergeant of Police, 1982 – 2005

Other Appointments
  • Founder - Latino Advisory Committee on Crime (LACC)

  • President – Latino Police Officers Association (LPOA), Alameda County Chapter

Peace Officer Experience

Experience in patrol procedures, traffic control, preliminary investigations, and community policing. Served as a Field Training Officer (FTO) and provided training, supervision, and personnel evaluations of new officers. Assigned to Driving Under the Influence (D.U.I.), street prostitution, and gang suppression.

  • Patrol. As a patrol supervisor, directed and supervised response to crimes in-progress. Authorized, monitored, and supervised vehicle pursuits. Strategized, directed, and led police response to barricaded suspects, hostage situations and suicidal citizens. Directed Field Training Officers (FTO’s) who provided training, supervision, and guidance to new officers. Directed Evidence Technicians to ensure a crime scene was properly processed, and evidence recovered/secured with a Chain of Custody for prosecution.

  • Investigations. As a criminal investigator, solved and prosecuted suspects for Auto Theft, Burglary, Robbery, Worthless Documents (Financial Fraud), Kidnapping, and Felony Assault. Assisted in Sexual Assault and Homicide investigations which led to the identification and prosecution of assailants. Wrote search warrants and sought arrest warrants which were subject to Judicial review. Worked with both Probation, Parole and the Public Defender to solve crimes, and was responsible for freeing innocent citizens from custody.

  • Community Services. Directed and supervised the Crime Prevention Unit. Directed programs in Commercial Security, Senior outreach/safety program, Youth Safety, and Home Alert. Founded the Latino Advisory on Crime, (LACC), a 501c 3 organization, and oversaw and directed the Asian Advisory Committee on Crime (AACC). Both the Asian and Latino communities were growing rapidly, principally fueled by refugees from the civil conflicts in Central America, Cuban Mariel boat-lift refugees relocating from Florida, and Southeast Asian refugees after the Vietnam War.

  • Neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils. Worked with Neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils (NCPCs) in order to promote safety in neighborhoods for both residents and businesses. Directed community policing officers to work with Neighborhood Services Coordinators (NSCs) to develop partnerships and solve chronic problems.

  • Latino Advisory Committee on Crime. Founded the Latino Advisory Committee on Crime (LACC). Sponsored, planned, coordinated, directed, and evaluated an Anti-Gang Conference held in Oakland, CA. Developed solutions beyond police enforcement and strengthened community involvement. Encouraged and utilized involvement from nontraditional community stakeholders including counselors, mental health workers, immigrant advocates, faith-based organizations, business, and sport activists. Taught a high school class for two years, to recent immigrant students on local customs, law, and police relations.

  • Latino Police Officers Association (LPOA), Alameda County Chapter. President of the LPOA, Alameda County Chapter. Worked to promote equality and professionalism in law enforcement, and diversity in police hiring and promotion. Provided mentoring, scholarships, youth camp activities, and community education regarding police services. Participated in a California statewide consortium to create reforms after the 1992 Rodney King incident involving the Use of Force, racial profiling, and Driving While Black/Brown.


Detention & Corrections Experience
  • Jail Operations. Responsible for the health, safety, and daily management of inmates in both general lockdown and Administrative Segregation. Assisted outside agencies in physical lineups, search warrants, and covert inmate communications. Responsible for the initial intake of prisoners, medical screening, and psychological assessment. Through the Classification Unit, identified incoming prisoners and appropriately housed them based on criminal history, gang affiliation, substance abuse history, mental health, and the political nature of their offense (crimes against children, racially motivated, etc.)

  • Grievance and Disciplinary Unit. Reviewed, investigated, and resolved both inmate grievances and administered discipline within the law and departmental policy. Conferred with the District Attorney, Defense Counsel (public and private) and other subject-matter experts when appropriate. Reviewed the development of new proposed policies, edited and distributed them throughout the agency, and explained these policies to both inmates and custodial staff. Assisted with implementing policies and procedures to ensure the accreditation of the jail.


Management/Supervisory Experience
  • Employee Supervision. As a patrol supervisor, directed and supervised response to crimes in-progress. Reviewed crime reports and arrests to ensure that there was adequate Probable Cause for the arrest, and that the crime report fully documented the incident with witnesses identified and evidence recovered. As a Unit Supervisor, ensured that Unit and Grant goals were achieved and documented.

  • Personnel Evaluation. As a patrol sergeant and unit supervisor, documented officer performance through Personnel evaluations. Credited accomplishments, noted deficiencies, and provided training so personnel could improve, apply for new assignments and prepare for promotion.

  •  Personnel Investigations. Conducted Internal Affairs investigations for allegations of professional or personal misconduct. Both the public and personnel were provided a thorough, unbiased assessment of the complaint, and resolved all complaints in a timely manner.

  • Command Center Operations.

    • Loma Prieta Earthquake Cypress Structure Collapse October 17, 1989. Assigned to Joint Fire/Police Command Center to direct and coordinate rescue operations.

    • Oakland Hills Fire October 19, 1991. Assigned to the Joint Fire/Police Command Center to coordinate response to the Oakland/Berkeley hills fire which destroyed 3,469 homes and apartment units, and killed twenty-five citizens, including an Oakland Police officer evacuating residents.

    • 9-11 attack on September 11, 2001, was responsible for the shutdown of the Oakland International Airport.

    • Raider fan riot January 26, 2003. Supervised police response to a multiple hour riot led by disgruntled football fans.

  • Project Supervision. Participated in community forums, Neighborhood Crime Prevention Councils, worked with mental health advocates, substance abuse counselors and faith-based groups to identify, strategize, and coordinate actions to deal with disruptive public disorder, persistent street prostitution, neighborhood narcotics trafficking, and gang activity.

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