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League of Women Voters

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Laramie Election Guide, Responses to questions from the League of Women Voters

What qualities, training, experiences, and skills would you bring to this office?

30-years of experience in Patrol, Investigations, Community Policing & Jail Operations at the officer, Sergeant & In-Unit Commander position. Responded, strategized & implemented response to barricaded suspects, hostage situations & suicidal citizens. Trained, supervised & mentored new officers. Wrote 100+ Personnel evaluations to document performance & improve deficiencies. Investigated allegations of professional misconduct resulting in exonerations or levied discipline from training to termination. Identified offenders responsible for murder, robbery, theft, child abuse & sexual assault. Performed inmate management to maintain a safe & secure jail. Levied discipline & resolved inmate grievances.

What are the top three challenges facing the Albany County Sheriff's department and how would you address them?

1) Restore public confidence by ensuring that all people are treated as equal before the law. Police services, arrests & investigations are made without bias & respecting their Constitutional rights. Accountability through a robust response to allegations of professional misconduct. Investigations which are unbiased, thorough & resolved in a timely matter. 2) Strengthen the Chain of Command & enforce a Code of Conduct. Assignments & promotions based on performance, free of favoritism. Misconduct identified at its source & addressed. 3) Support, advocate & promote these positive changes to encourage retention, recruitment, and return of vetted talented staff. Promote volunteerism by retired police & citizens.

Who do you view as allies in addressing your highest priority issue? How would you collaborate with them?

I must rebuild the Sheriff’s office to its fully authorized strength & provide experience, supervision & mentoring to new personnel. Collaborate with neighboring law enforcement agencies, mental health advocates, substance abuse practitioners, drug court & youth advocates to diversify deputy experience, training & personal growth essential for a peace officer. Create a culture that “not all problems need a law enforcement solution.” Partner with non-traditional communities so deputies are exposed to & learn the issues of diverse members of the community.

Would you be willing to develop a process that responds to citizen questions and concerns? Please explain.

The Sheriff must be responsive to the community. I would have public forums & create ad hoc committees to address specific issues that arise. Procedures are in place for police accountability but must be implemented & promoted to the public. By addressing public concerns & through community outreach I will build public confidence that will promote public safety & restore the reputation of the Sheriff's office.

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