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Progressive Voter Alliance—Laramie Candidate Forum

On Monday, June 20, 2022, I participated in the Progressive Voter Alliance- Laramie Candidate Forum held at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Church. For those not familiar with the Progressive Voter Alliance, “it is a clearinghouse and point of contact for advocates of a wide range of progressive issues. We do not endorse specific candidates or causes.”

Candidates were given three minutes to introduce themselves and briefly state their qualifications and reasons for running. I laid out my extensive experience and leadership, and identified myself as a constitutionalist. (See video at 47:58)

During the Q&A, Mr. Pete Gosar asked about constitutional sheriffs. He stated that western constitutional sheriffs have stated they would not enforce all federal laws and asked my position. (See video at 1:29:36)

First, I do not belong to the Oath Keepers or Constitutional Sheriff’s for two reasons. 1) I have always been a constitutionalist. My arrests were always lawful & investigations and search warrants were subject to judicial review. 2) These organizations have been penetrated by government agents, paid informers & possible agent provocateurs.

I cited the arrest of Grace Smith at Laramie High School for not wearing a mask. Soon afterwards, the U.S. Attorney General stated he had received complaints alleging parents were threatening school boards which he forwarded to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for investigation. But the DOJ would require local partners to conduct such investigations. As sheriff, I would examine that issue and determine if it was valid or not. (It appeared to me that parents were exercising their right to free speech and protest.) But I would not make a decision without first consulting with the County Attorney and UW School of Law to make sure my decision is lawful.

Regardless, I will defend your constitutional rights and personal liberties.


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