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Wyoming Peace Officer Certification

On Wednesday, June 15, 2022, I attended the Republican forum held at the Centennial Valley Community Church. Thanks to Mark Armstrong for organizing the event, and Centennial Valley Community Church for the use of their beautiful facility. It was an informative, well attended event, and afterward the movie “2000 Mules” was screened.

An issue arose that must be corrected. I was questioned about certification as a peace officer due to being out of peace officer status for 8+ years. It was asserted that I would be unable to secure certification, which would limit my ability to function as a sheriff and thus I would only be an administrative sheriff not a peace officer with the powers of arrest. This assertion is not true.

Prior to announcing my candidacy, I researched and later discussed, with Wyoming POST (Peace Officer Standards & Training) Executive Director Chris Walsh, the process of being recertified. There are regulations specifying varying years of service and allowable time of separation which dictate what additional training is required.

Per WY POST regulations: Chapter 3, section 10,

“(e) Officers who have been out of law enforcement five (5) years, but less than ten (10) years, and had been employed for five (5) or more continuous years as a full-time peace officer may attend the POST approved mini peace officer basic in lieu of the full peace officer basic course. Upon successful completion of the mini peace officer basic, the peace officer challenge process, and compliance with provision of Chapter 2, Section 1, the officer will be granted peace officer certification. Approval to attend the mini peace officer basic shall only be granted by the Commission.”

I qualify under this provision because I have over 30 years of employment as a peace officer, and I am within the 5 to 10-year period. What the mini peace officer basic will entail, a portion of which is internet study and attendance at the Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy in Douglas, will not be specified until I am elected. Mr. Walsh stated, once elected, I can apply for a temporary certification and have one-year to complete the mini peace officer basic academy. Any assertions that the process will be onerous and hamper my ability to lead and manage the Sheriff’s office are false.


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