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Why Wyoming is My Home

I left California because my values were under attack. As a peace officer for thirty years, policing was becoming increasingly difficult. Calls for defunding the police, advocacy lawfare, and a litigious environment were all efforts to undermine the authority of the police. Not to mention high taxes, crime, failing schools, and a deteriorating business climate. California has become an example of what can occur when leftist politicians take over government.

I searched the West and found that Wyoming reflected my values. I immediately became a member of the Albany County Republican Party. For the last seven years I have served as a precinct man, State Committeeman, and volunteer. Anyone who has attended monthly meetings and breakfasts, know I am outspoken against federal government over-reach and alert to any violations of our Bill of Rights.

During the George Floyd demonstrations here in Laramie, I worked with “Love America” as we stood to support our law enforcement. I sought out and funded candidates for public office at the state, county and city council level, as well as the Albany County school board.

When Grace Smith was arrested at Laramie High School, the Albany County Republican Party responded with an opinion supporting her First Amendment right to protest. I authored that response. When Maricopa County Arizona conducted a recount of their 2020 election, I analyzed and provided a report that concluded there had been apparent fraud in the voting. (A judge later refused to hear the complaint) In October 2021, enroute to a police convention in Houston Texas, I visited the border at Del Rio and witnessed the massive illegal migration (Haitians under the overpass and bridges). I met and discussed this problem with DHS, the Border Patrol, and local and county law enforcement. My report concluded this was not a police problem. Law enforcement have the means, experience and authority to impact this problem. It is a political problem which flows directly from President Biden policies.

Recently at the State Republican Congressional dinner held in Sheridan, I sat at a table with stalwart Republican supporters, conservatives, and Christians. All were transplants from other states that had made Wyoming their home. They came to preserve the American dream and values they saw disappearing in their home states. They participate in local and state government, city councils and school boards to preserve the “Wyoming” way of life. Our state is strengthened by their abilities, experience, investments, dedication and participation in our public life.

I believe that Wyoming is the last place to preserve our personal liberties. I will use my knowledge, training, experience and political insight to do my part. Together we can preserve this great state.


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