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WY Vote - Candidate Statement

Rafael Delgadillo (Republican)

County Sheriff— (112)

P.O. Box 1311 Laramie, Wyoming 82073

(307) 223-2077


Owned several businesses before beginning a 30-year career in the Oakland Police Department & Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. As the years passed, policing became increasingly difficult. Calls for defunding the police, advocacy law fare, and a litigious environment were all efforts to undermine the authority of the police. Not to mention high taxes, crime, failing schools, and a deteriorating business climate. California has become an example of what can occur when leftist politicians take over government. I searched the West and found that Wyoming reflected my values. Here I could participate in civic affairs, and have an influence on our elected officials because they are closer to the public. But once in Laramie, I saw that many of the same issues which confronted police, were beginning here as well. After following the controversies in the Sheriff’s office, I decided to step-in & offer my experience & leadership.


30-years of experience in Patrol, Investigations & Community Policing. Eight years in jail operations. Initial intake & inmate management. As a Disciplinary & Grievance officer, maintained jail security by levying inmate discipline & resolved inmate complaints within the law. Wrote 100+ personnel evaluations & investigated officer misconduct levying discipline from training to termination. Supervised Field Training Officers. Investigated, identified offenders & secured convictions.


  • University of CA, Berkeley, BA Political Science

  • University of CA, Berkeley, BA Political Science Merritt College, AA

  • Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Lateral Academy Standard & Training for Corrections (STC)

  • City of Oakland Police Academy

  • California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Supervisory Certification Homicide, Robbery, Commercial Security (POST)

  • Gaming and Card Room Investigation, California, Department of Justice Fraud/Forgery Investigation, SJSU

  • Narcotic Enforcement, CA DOJ

Community Activities and Memberships

8-year member of the Albany County Republican Party. Served as Precinctman & State Committeeman. Attended quarterly meetings & conventions. Wrote resolutions & met with officials re: legislation. President of the LPOA, Alameda County Chapter. Worked to promote equality & professionalism in law enforcement, & diversity in police hiring and promotion. Provided mentoring, scholarships, youth camp activities, & community education regarding police services. Lifetime NRA member. Gun Owners of CA.

Why I am Running

The Albany County Sheriff’s office has suffered years of controversy. I will restore and enhance the reputation of the sheriff’s office by decisive action to build public confidence. With my experience, innovative proposals, and an understanding of the current issues facing the county, I will bring the leadership required of a sheriff.

Society requires a safe environment for public life. We have seen chaos and crime when the police do not have the support of their communities and elected officials. Citizens must have unbiased law enforcement that is professional, responsive and respectful. But it must also be effective in lowering crime in a manner that retains public support. Yet every intervention brings the possibility of controversy. I will create a police culture of accountability, and an understanding that not every problem requires a ‘law enforcement solution’.

I will advocate for the Albany County Sheriff Office & support the men and women, sworn and unsworn. I will review and advocate for legislation that improves policing.

By this process, I will restore public confidence & make the Albany County Sheriff’s Office a premier law enforcement agency that will attract talented personnel dedicated to maintaining public safety.

Top 3 Priorities

  • All people are equal before the law. Police services, arrests, and investigations are to be made without bias and within the law. Officers shall treat others with respect, safeguarding their Constitutional rights.

  • Create an understanding that not every problem requires a ‘law enforcement solution’ and that there are other avenues to resolve problems to which we must avail ourselves.

  • Misconduct will be identified at its source and addressed.

  • Patrol tactics to reduce crime, and thorough investigations which identify offenders and secure convictions.

  • Matters of public concern will be addressed in public forums.

  • Strengthen the Chain of Command. Support command staff when they direct, manage and discipline their subordinates.

  • Institute a Code of Conduct. How we treat each other is how we will treat the public.

  • Duty to Intervene. Develop a culture of accountability, where deputies safeguard the rights of citizens & their peers by intervening to prevent excessive force or unlawful behavior.

  • Create a non-politicized environment where employees are judged on their performance. Assignments & promotions will be free of cronyism and favoritism.

  • Create opportunities for city & rural civilian volunteers. Utilize retired sworn and non-sworn employees in non-law enforcement activities.

  • and non-sworn employees in non-law enforcement activities. Support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

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